JCI Finland wants to share its expertise and experience in Strategy Training for other JCI national organizations and their members. See here more on how to organize a Strategy Training in Your country in cooperation with JCI Finland.


Strategy Training has been held in JCI Finland for several years. Every year around 100 JayCees go through the training and implement the knowledge in their own LOM’s as well as working life. Year after year the training has been said to be one of the best trainings ever held in JCI Finland. First Strategy Training outside Finland was held in JCI 3City, Poland in April 2017 with participants from JCI Poland and JCI Czech Republic. After that there have been Strategy Trainings given again in Poland, as well as in Sweden and Estonia.

Strategy Training gives participants basic knowledge on how to create a strategy for your own LOM. After the training participants have familiarized themselves on strategic thinking and the process of creating a strategy.

The training will introduce several tools that can be used in the process of creating a strategy. The skills participants learn during the training can be used as a LOM and NOM board member but also in working life. During Strategy Training participants also network to each other and improve their team leadership skills.


There are basic guidelines which show the specs for arranging a Strategy Training in cooperation with JCI Finland. The more detailed scheduling and special needs regarding content are to be discussed and defined with the interested party.

Timetable: Strategy Training is usually held from Friday evening to Sunday noon:

Friday: 2-3 hours training + dinner and grouping activities

Saturday: 8 hours training + dinner and activities held by arranging LOM

Sunday: 2-3 hours training

Participants: Ideal group size is 8-15 persons per trainer. Bigger group (max. 30 persons) can also be divided to two groups that one trainer supervises in turns. Participants can be from one LOM, several LOM’s or also from several NOM’s.

Training facilities: One big room is compulsory, where everyone has table and chair in group form. If there is more than one group, there should have space to arrange tables as groups for every group. For more intensive learning, it is recommended to have also separate rooms for all groups to be used during specific group tasks.


For more information:

Tanja-Maria Hyppänen
EVP Skills Development
JCI Finland
+358 41 549 1656


Previous Strategy Trainings held outside Finland. Tailored Strategy training weekends have been organized in:
– Poland, Sopot, 2017
– Poland, Lodz, 2018
– Estonia, Tallinn 2018
– Sweden, Stockholm, 2018

Strategy Training, Estonia 2018 Trainer Heidi Jäntti (JCI Finland) Photo by JCI Estonia
Strategy Training, Sweden 2018
Trainers Hanna Pasanen and Mari Männistö (JCI Finland)
Photo by Mari Männistö

Strategy Training is a great way to engage your members and give them work-life valued tools and skills.